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Fair trade diamonds

When we buy our diamonds, we pay attention not only to the finest quality, but also to fair trade and conflict-free sources. After all, the joy of a beautiful piece of jewelry should not be spoiled by the fact that ethical guidelines are disregarded during its production and the environment is polluted. This is especially true for diamonds, the extraction process of which is often and rightly criticized. CAPOLAVORO therefore only uses stones from ethically correct sources. This means that they come from sustainable production, without child labor and are extracted in an environmentally friendly way. In addition, they are naturally occurring and not, as is often the case today, artificially produced.

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In unserem Diamantlexikon finden Sie spannendes Know-How zu der Entstehung von Diamanten, den 5 C´s auch genannt den Qualitätsmerkmalen eines Diamanten und vieles mehr.

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