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Colorful ones

Colored stones

Colored stones are personality stones: They are as individual as the wearer and underline their character, sensuality and femininity. Hardly anyone can escape their beauty and grace. Colored stones caress our soul, they enchant with their hidden eroticism and subtle charisma. They are pure touch and seduction and make your eyes shine. Colored stones make life colorful - let yourself be inspired by their radiance!


Morganite, a pink to peach colored gemstone, is often associated with romantic love and emotionality. Its origins go back to the beryl quarries in Brazil and Madagascar. Its distinctiveness lies in its gentle glow and its ability to open the heart and promote emotional healing.

Rock crystal

A transparent quartz, is found in various parts of the world and has been known for its purity and clarity for centuries. Its peculiarity lies in its versatility, as it is used for both spiritual purposes and jewelry, symbolizing a strong energy for clarity and renewal.

Sky Blue Topaz

Its color is a light, light blue. The majority of its occurrence is also in Brazil. Other locations are found in Australia, China, Japan, for example. The light blue transparent topaz is often cut as a cabochon, but its color and transparency also enchant when faceted.

London Blue Topaz

The beautiful, cool blue of the sky appears to be captured in a London Blue-Topaz. Belonging to the quartz group, the main deposits are in Brazil. Particularly beautiful stones for jewelry processing come from here. The London blue topaz is usually faceted.


Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aquamarine, a jewel of incomparable beauty that originates deep in the mysterious abysses of the earth. Its unique aura radiates a calming energy and connects us with the cleansing power of water, refreshing and invigorating our senses.


Tanzanite, a blue-purple gemstone found exclusively in Tanzania, is known for its rare beauty and mystical aura. Its peculiarity lies in its unique color, which can vary depending on the light, and its ability to promote spiritual knowledge and awareness.


A gemstone of royal elegance, blue sapphire is found primarily in Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Thailand. Its distinctiveness lies in its deep, royal blue color and its connection to wisdom and inner peace, making it a symbol of truth and devotion.


Prasiolite, is a variety of quartz and gets its transparent green color from iron and manganese. Its origins often lie in Brazil, Australia and Poland. Its special feature lies in its fresh delicate pastel color, which is connected to nature, and its ability to release emotional blockages and promote spiritual growth.

Tourmaline green

Explore the magical world of green tourmaline, a gemstone with rich colors and a mystical aura that has its roots deep in the mysterious treasures of the earth. Its vibrant green color opens our heart chakra and gives us protection from negative energies while connecting us to the healing power of nature.


Emeralds, with their intense green color, come mainly from Colombia, Zambia and Brazil. Their special feature lies in their vibrant color, which represents fertility, renewal and growth. They are also known for their connection to love and harmony.

Moonstone Gray

The moonstone is usually cut into a cabochon, as this shape best shows off the velvety shine of the stone. The color spectrum includes soft white, champagne, light gray, orange and brown tones.

Moonstone Champagne

The moonstone is usually cut into a cabochon, as this shape best shows off the velvety shine of the stone. The color spectrum includes soft white, champagne, light gray, orange and brown tones.

Rose quartz

Distinguished by its color. It can range from bright pink, pale pink to lavender tones. Its transparency is transparent to translucent. The name depends on the color. Locations: larger quantities Brazil, best qualities Madagascar. Processed primarily into cabochons - only large, clear stones are suitable for facet cutting. Rose quartz - healing stone since ancient times for all matters of the heart.

Tourmaline Pink

No gemstone shows such a wealth of colors as tourmaline. It is available in yellow and brown shades. The best known are green and red tourmalines in a variety of color nuances, from a blue-green to a rich fir green, from a delicate rosé to an intense red. In addition to Sri Lanka and Madagascar, the most productive deposits are in Brazil and South Africa. Tourmaline is predominantly faceted, although there are also beautiful cabochons available today.

Royal Purple Garnets

The royal purple garnet is also one of the rare, exquisite colored stones of the almandine color variety, which ranges from deep red to dark purple with a violet tinge. The locations are predominantly Madagascar, Sri Lanka and the USA. The beauty of the stones and its mystical meaning of power, fire and passion are fascinating. Its healing effect on the heart is remarkable.


Is a mineral within the quartz group. The main occurrences are limited to a few locations. Amethysts can be found in Brazil, Uruguay and Namibia. Particularly beautiful specimens are given a facet cut. The cabochon cut is also receiving more and more attention. Amethysts range from light to intense violet, and shades of green can also occur.

Smoky quartz

Also called smoky topaz, it is characterized by its special brown tones. Always with a touch of gray and a rather “cool” appearance. The deposits are in Brazil, Madagascar and Russia.


Comes in different varieties of green, from olive tones to a deep sea green. An intense golden green is considered particularly valuable. The world's largest deposit is in Arizona (USA).


For this variety within the quartz group, the name refers to the color spectrum. Derived from the Latin “citrus” – lemon, citrine comes in many sunny yellow tones from lemon yellow to an intense golden yellow, orange to a warm, expressive brown-orange. The main locations are in Brazil, Uruguay and Namibia.

Mandarin grenade

Mandarin Garnet is a Spessartine color variety and is one of the most exquisite colored stones. The name refers to the mandarin orange color. There is no more beautiful natural and rarer stone than Mandarin garnet. Locations are Namibia, Nigeria, Tanzania. Mandarin Garnet strengthens self-confidence and maintains the fire of friendship.