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Our Story

A family story

Germany since 1991


Welcome to the world of CAPOLAVORO, where jewelry making becomes a passion! We are a modern family business with a keen sense for innovation and traditional craftsmanship. For more than three decades, we have devoted ourselves with pure passion to the art of jewelry manufacturing. For us, not only beauty is important, but also sustainability, longevity, the highest quality made in Germany and endless attention to detail. Immerse yourself in our world full of joie de vivre, casual elegance and creative sophistication.

Modern and future-oriented, with a keen sense for innovation and the values ​​of traditional craftsmanship: a family business with always open doors!

The event jewellery manufacturer for casual luxury in Inning am Ammersee

The specially designed tour route through the workshop and production of the local factory proves how serious the Fritsch family is about the concept of a "transparent factory". Visitors are welcome here and experience luxury that you can touch and craftsmanship at its finest. Capolavoro produces masterpieces - as is the translation of the name into Italian. The delicate details of the jewelry confidently trace the lines of old Italian masters. The highest quality of workmanship is a matter of course, luxury exudes great soul - and sustainability is one of the lived values. An extraordinary brand identity that was not invented, but grown. Based on passion and love. Jewelry from Capolavoro carries the joy of life and surprises with creativity "out of the box".

Handmade with Love

Welcome to the World of CAPOLAVORO


How it all began...

Capolavoro has an impressive history of success. Today, our company is valued for its creative vision and innovations, cutting-edge technology and the mastery of our artisans. Under the leadership of the founding Fritsch family, Capolavoro has established itself as one of the leading companies in luxury jewelry manufacturing.


Company foundation

When Gerhard Fritsch and his wife Andrea founded the company in Munich in 1991, they had big dreams. They also had a burning passion for jewelry and style and an affinity for art and architecture. This was also fueled by Gerhard Fritsch's enthusiasm for the masterpieces of the Renaissance, which he had internalized during his semesters as a guest in Florence... and by the memory of the lavish baroque church decorations that he had been able to admire and touch as a child in Bavaria. Added to this were industry knowledge, courage and, of course, the support of his wife, who is still at his side both privately and professionally.


Own factory

Since 2010, we have been producing all of our products in our own factory, a development that emerged from the company history of Andrea and Gerhard Fritsch, who once started trading. In our factory, we attach great importance to constant growth and maintaining our high quality standards. This in-house production enables us to respond flexibly to challenges and to map the entire jewelry development process internally. This vertical integration not only gives us control over every phase of production, but also enables us to deliver innovative designs and high-quality products with a consistently high level of quality. Our factory is the heart of our company and a guarantee of excellence and authenticity in every piece of jewelry we create.

Sustainability and longevity are therefore a matter close to our hearts. For example, we only use precious metals from the secondary cycle, 2nd-life gold or recycled gold is obtained from old gold and therefore does not waste finite resources. The stones used come exclusively from fair, ethically correct sources. In addition, the high quality standards of the jewelry collection make all pieces durable.

Find out more about our passion - sustainability.



A highlight of the company's history to date was the construction of a representative new domicile in Inning am Ammersee, a modern "palazzo" with a contemporary energy concept. The perfect location for what is currently Bavaria's only jewelry manufacturer. At first glance, a no-frills cube that references the architectural style of historical palazzi through almost imperceptible indentations on the facade. Built according to the plans of Gerhard Fritsch himself, who also realized an ecological showcase project. It is the first building in Bavaria to be built using solid wood technology and, behind its white facade, offers a healthy living atmosphere as a plus-energy wooden house.


First CAPOLAVORO Boutique Store

Invitation to Lake Ammersee

In the elegant rooms of Capolavoro or at our loyal specialist retail partners in your area, you can discover all the treasures that characterize the brand's luxurious image. The flattering Cielo collection, the cheeky Dolcini, the sparkling Prosecco pieces... and of course the current Capolavoro masterpieces from the Billion Dreams Collection. With diamonds that dance like the flakes of a snow globe in a glass bottle. Holding such an extraordinary jewel in your hands is worth a visit to Inning on the beautiful Ammersee alone. But the region so loved by the entire Capolavoro team has much more to offer - a recommended stopover on the way south with potential for longing.



The Billion Dreams collection, especially our Dream Globes, is the result of five years of intensive research and development. Every detail, from the patented liquid to the specially cut casing and the innovative assembly technology, has been carefully designed and perfected. Inspired by fairytale worlds, fantasies and the deepest desires, this jewelry line embodies pure fascination and represents a magical reinterpretation of the classic snow globe. But a closer look reveals a new dimension of goldsmithing.

To the Billion Dreams collection.


2nd generation

Since 2020, Theresa and Florian Fritsch, two of the three children of the company founders Andrea and Gerhard Fritsch, have enriched the family business and made a significant contribution to its continued success. With their commitment and expertise, they have primarily driven the internationalization and digitization of the company. Their innovative approaches and entrepreneurial spirit have helped to prepare the company for future challenges and strengthen its presence on the global market. Their involvement continues the family tradition while ensuring a modern orientation that will lead the company into a successful future.



The Love Lock collection represents a milestone in our technological jewelry development. The centerpiece of this collection is our CAPOLAVORO Love Lock, a unique symbol of love protected by an individual 6-digit opening code. This personal code can represent, for example, the name of your child or the date of your wedding and gives each Love Lock a distinctive personality and deep meaning. With this innovative locking technology, we create not only an exquisite piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of the unique connection and special moments you share with your loved ones.

Discover Love Lock.

Our heart's desire


For our family business, sustainable action is a real matter of the heart. Our entire production takes place locally in Inning am Ammersee. All of our masterpieces are made exclusively from 2nd-life-cycle gold. In addition, we only use fairly certified diamonds and colored stones.

Locally handmade.

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Recycled gold.

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Fair diamonds.

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Colored stones.

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