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The seductive little Billion Dreams globes with floating diamonds bring the magic of Snow Globe to your "every day" jewelry wardrobe. As mini icons, they become indispensable companions throughout the day - and throughout life. The dancing diamonds in the pendant, on the bracelet or on the ring are a symbol of recognition for all insiders and provide something to talk about. Every woman will find her favorite: in a sparkling prosecco look, with a cheerful butterfly, with a flaming red heart, as a star among the stars!


Dreamys Styling

Theresa: Mommy, why do you find our Dreamys collection so fascinating?

Andrea: I am truly fascinated by the floating diamonds, which radiate a magical charm for me and invite you to daydream. Each Dreamy has a special lightness that let me forget everyday life for a moment and transports me to a world full of fantasy. I am also thrilled by the radiant guilloché background, which is crafted with meticulous detail. Every facet shows the dedication and skill of our goldsmiths who are behind these unique pieces of jewelry.

How to wear

Our founder Andrea wears her sparkling Dreamys favorites.

Dreamy Ring Prosecco

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Dancing Diamonds

Diamonds that dance like in a snow globe. Have you ever seen anything like it? Let yourself be enchanted by the floating, dancing diamonds and be transported to a world full of dreams.

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Dreamy Set

Our Dreamys collection always consists of a perfectly coordinated jewelry set: a flexible bracelet, an elegant ring and an enchanting necklace.

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Like a Star

Our Dreamys will accompany you radiantly through everyday life. With their sparkling dancing diamonds, they bring a touch of glamour to each of your looks.

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perfect add-on

Starlet Jewels

Our Dreamys jewelry pieces can be perfectly complemented by our new enchanting jewelry line Starlet.

Billion Dreams Collection

a fantasy made into a jewel | created by capolavoro

Childlike lightheartedness, fairytale worlds and fantasies, dreams and longings - in short: pure fascination, that is the most important element of the precious jewelry line BILLION DREAMS. At first glance, a magical reinterpretation of the snow globe. At second glance and every subsequent glance, a new dimension of goldsmithing, an outstanding homage to craftsmanship and a sensual invitation to play with effects. Immerse yourself in this delicate yet opulent world - our small works of art are just waiting to carry your personal dreams within them. The glass body, specially cut and manufactured by hand, forms the sophisticated stage for the changing diamond spectacle at the heart of the masterpiece. The gemstones are surrounded by a patented liquid that makes them almost float. Every turn or even the smallest movement changes the look and results in a new, sparkling arrangement. BILLION DREAMS is as precious as love is as luxurious.

"Pure joy is found in the simplest moments, where the heart smiles and the soul shines."