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World Novelties

Our Iconics are not only of outstanding quality, but also absolutely unique and groundbreaking. They embody the best of both worlds: traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde innovation, making them incomparable highlights in the world of jewelry.



Our CAPOLAVORO Love Lock is a symbol of love that can only be opened with a personal 6-digit opening code. Whether it is the name of your child or the date of your wedding, this individual code makes each Love Lock a very personal and meaningful piece of jewelry that symbolizes the unique bond between you and your loved ones.

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Billion Dream Globes

Fairytale worlds and fantasies, dreams and longings - in short: pure fascination, that is the most important element of the precious Dream Globes jewelry line from the Billion Dreams Collection. At first glance, a magical new interpretation of the snow globe. At second glance and every subsequent glance, a new dimension of goldsmith's art.

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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of floating diamonds and let yourself be enchanted by their magic. Discover the Dreamys jewelry line from CAPOLAVORO - your elegant and unique everyday companion that will take you into a world full of dreams.

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