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7 pieces of jewelry every woman should own

By Blogger Jennifer from @jenniferkathe

High-quality real jewelry is probably the most sustainable luxury item. Pieces of jewelry are not subject to seasons, they last for generations and tell stories. But it all depends on the right choice so that they accompany the wearer for decades. I would like to give you a guide to the 5 pieces of jewelry that every woman should own. The jewelry manufacturer Capolavoro is supporting me as a specialist for this article.

Trend pieces or classics?

A good question! Personally, my answer would be: a good mix - mainly classics, mixed with trendy pieces. Because when it comes to high-quality real jewelry, it is essential to invest in pieces that you can ideally wear into old age and then pass on. As inspiration and decision-making aid for your next jewelry purchase, here are my personal 7 pieces of jewelry that every woman needs.

  1. Classic diamond stud earrings

A classic diamond in the form of a solitaire as an ear stud is the most versatile piece of jewelry I can think of. It suits every ear shape and can be worn for any occasion. Whether it's a business meeting or the opera, diamond ear studs always fit. If my jewelry box was empty, these ear studs would be the first to go.

My tip: Gold alloys can be mixed with each other. Even though I generally go for yellow or rose gold, I think white gold earrings are perfect because they really make your face shine.

  1. Statement Ring

Every jewelry lover should own at least one statement piece. Personally, I think eye-catching rings are best suited for this (compared to earrings or necklaces), because they can be enhanced even further by stacking rings or "downgraded" with a subtle outfit so that you can still wear them in everyday life.

I think a so-called Jaquet ring is particularly smart. You can either wear it alone or put different rings in the middle to create a new look every time. The possibilities are endless. That's why a Jaquet ring is not only a great investment piece, but can also turn out to be the most worn piece of jewelry.

  1. Large gold link chain

Even my grandmother (who had a fine taste in jewelry) loved a link chain. This shows that link chains are a real classic. The individual links can be larger. Personally, I think it's nice when the links are large but still fine.

And if the link chain can be worn in a Y shape, you not only have a classic, but also an all-rounder. This type of chain can be worn close to the neck in the shape of a Y or, for example, perfectly combined with chunky knits in winter.

Beautiful link chains in rose gold are very rare, but there is currently a limited edition from Capolavoro with the luxury fashion brandHelene Galwas . (Warning: sells out quickly)

  1. Flexible ball bracelet

Every woman should have a bracelet that is her daily companion. The flexible bracelet, with small golden balls, has the best potential to be that companion. And because jewelry also tells stories, Capolavoro's flexible bracelets offer countless ways to personalize them and let the bracelet speak words.

For a long time I have been wearing a flexible rose gold bracelet with a small round tag that says "Fritz". A reminder of the day my dog ​​Fritz came to live with me.

The flexible bracelets are not only beautiful to look at, but also perfect for everyday wear because of their comfort. The flexible gold balls hug the arm and you don't even feel the bracelet. It is also much less susceptible to damage than bracelets with a smooth surface.

  1. Rainbow Ring

The rainbow has always been a symbol of hope, strength and confidence. It has also become a symbol of equality and acceptance. A strong and important signal - which I personally like to wear as a piece of jewelry. To remind myself to carry these values ​​with me.

In addition to this symbolism, the colorful sapphires shine so beautifully and perfectly enhance any simple outfit. My personal favorite: rose gold harmonizes fabulously with the 11 faceted colorful sapphires.

  1. Diamond necklace in white gold

Less is more - this also applies to jewelry in many situations. In many professions, jewelry should be worn with restraint. However, you don't have to do without jewelry completely - it should just be subtle and delicate.

For this reason, the Capolavoro Dolcini necklace is a must-have. It looks understated and elegant, especially in white gold. Instead of a solitaire, it is set with 37 diamonds and therefore sparkles so magically. It goes well with cream tones, white and black - yet another reason why it is perfect for a business piece of jewelry.

Off topic: according to business etiquette, a woman should not wear more than 5 accessories at work or at business meetings. Did you know that?

  1. Jennifer x CAPOLAVORO Ring

I have been fascinated by jewelry since I was a child, and it was always my dream to have my own piece of jewelry. Capolavoro made this dream come true with their own collection. Rose gold, morganite and diamonds. My own collection together with Capolavoro is so special - and it is 100% me.

My personal favorite from my collection is the drop-shaped morganite solitaire, which has a subtle pink sheen. Depending on the light, it looks either very pale lilac or almost pink. Morganite is said to have the ability to bring out feelings of love. It is also said to relieve feelings of stress and help the nervous system to find calm and balance. Regardless of whether you believe in the power of gemstones - it simply looks wonderful.

The ring is also ideal as an engagement ring for those who don't prefer the typical solitaire. I promise you that with this ring there will be a "yes".

Please feel free to write to me and tell me which piece of jewelry is on your wish list or which jewelry wish you recently fulfilled. I look forward to exchanging ideas.

All love,

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