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What makes a masterpiece?

Capolavoro has it in its name: The Italian word for masterpiece is reminiscent of the skills of great artists and marks the company's claim to the highest level of craftsmanship.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci, The Magic Mountain by Thomas Mann or Vivaldi's The Seasons: masterpieces of painting, literature and music inspire people and are considered high points in the cultural creation of a society. The term has long been used beyond the purely artistic definition for outstanding achievements in many areas: for spectacular architecture, for scientific excellence, and yes, even for luxury products such as great writing instruments (e.g. Meisterstück by Montblanc), high-precision watch mechanics (e.g. by Rolex) or extraordinary pieces of jewelry.

The masterpiece documents skills

By definition, a masterpiece should be a particularly successful, extraordinary work that convinces both critics and audiences.

Originally and traditionally, this term was also used to describe a piece that a craftsman creates when he or she attains the title of master. The masterpiece documents the skills learned and also a high point in one's work.

In the jewelry industry, it is the master goldsmiths who have this status. This is preceded by a 3 ½ year apprenticeship and journeyman period that creates the basis for becoming a master in the craft. Ideally, it is not just the technical skills, professionalism and high quality of workmanship that make the difference, but also a certain esprit. The training to become a jewel setter, as the profession of jewel setter is called for short, is at least as complex. Here, too, a 3 ½ year training course is the start of a successful career, which experts often combine with the goldsmith profession.

The experts at Capolavoro

The production of high-quality jewelry requires the expertise of talented and experienced master goldsmiths and setters - perfectionists in their field, such as those who can be seen at work in the Capolavoro Glass Factory. From the design to the final polishing of a piece of jewelry, everything must be done with love and care so that each piece of jewelry can meet the highest standards. And in special moments, masterpieces are actually created: extraordinary pieces that carry a piece of happiness within them, that are perfect in every respect and perhaps even magical: like the pendants in the Billion Dreams Collection by Capolavoro. Luxurious dream balls with the finest workmanship, with glittering diamonds of the highest quality and with that certain something. Nomen est omen: when company boss Gerhard Fritsch was inspired by the ornaments of Italian artists while studying in Florence, he dreamed of his Capolavori...

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