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ring Twinkle Balloon

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Colour stone:

Article number: RI7PRA02735
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Twinkle Balloon

The ring from 'The Colour Collection' is an absolute must-have for any occasion. It is handmade by CAPOLAVORO’s master goldsmiths using 18k yellow gold and features the very finest craftsmanship. The green prasiolite exudes joie de vivre as it catches the light. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend - and this ring has no less than 28 of them. Jewellery by CAPOLAVORO is extremely versatile. All of the pieces can be mixed and matched with other lines. Original design copyrighted by CAPOLAVORO


  • prasiolite antique faceted 9x9 mm ca. 2.95ct
  • 28 diamonds brilliant cut 0.13ct TW/vs1

Your home storage

The CAPOLAVORO jewelry box

This sparkling masterpiece is presented in a noble high-gloss wooden packaging that underlines its beauty and uniqueness. The CAPOLAVORO high-gloss wooden jewelry box is not only a sign of authenticity, but also of the high quality and special design of this sparkling piece of jewelry. The enchanting packaging not only serves to present the piece of jewelry, but is also the ideal storage solution for the home. It protects the valuable piece and helps to preserve its longevity and brilliance.

We Care

Recycled gold

CAPOLAVORO only uses precious metals from the secondary circuit - with a consistently high level of product and material quality. Secondary gold (2nd-life-cycle gold) or recycled gold is created from leftovers: for example from used gold jewelry, from precious metals processed in electronics, from dental gold. Of course, an industrial process is also required to recover gold, but the environmental impact is significantly better than gold mined from mines. Especially since the refineries that recycle the gold make intensive efforts to ensure CO 2 neutrality. That's why the recycling of gold is considered absolutely contemporary - its use makes CAPOLAVORO a trendsetter when it comes to sustainability.

Our promise to you

CAPOLAVORO certificate

The CAPOLAVORO certificate is our promise to you - a symbol of local production and craftsmanship, made in Germany. Our certificate not only guarantees the authenticity of the piece of jewelry as a true CAPOLAVORi, but also provides a detailed list of the materials used. From precious gemstones to the finest metal, every element is listed to give you complete transparency. Of course, you will automatically receive the CAPOLAVORO certificate with every piece of jewelry. It is our promise and commitment to provide you with the highest quality and transparency so that you can wear every piece in our collection with confidence and pride.

Crafted with Love

Experience Local Craftsmanship

The production of high-quality jewelry requires the expertise of very talented and experienced goldsmiths, model makers, jewel designers, polishers and gemstone/diamond setters - all of whom are perfectionists in their craft, as observed at Capolavoro's Event Manufactory. From design to the final polish of a piece of jewelry, everything must be done with love and care to ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standards.

For You

Packed with love

At CAPOLAVORO, each masterpiece is not only handcrafted with the utmost care, but also lovingly packaged. Each piece of jewelry is presented in elegant glossy wooden packaging that emphasizes its beauty and uniqueness. From elegant jewelry boxes to luxurious gift packaging, each item is treated with the same dedication as when it was created. Because we believe that the presentation is just as important as the product itself and want to ensure that every piece of CAPOLAVORO offers an unforgettable experience right from the moment it is unpacked.

Pastel green


Prasiolite, also known as green amethyst, fascinates with its fresh green color, which symbolizes vitality and renewal. Each prasiolite is lovingly cut by hand, allowing it to reveal its individual beauty. As a symbol of clarity and spiritual growth, prasiolite gives every piece of jewelry an invigorating and refreshing touch. Its vibrant color and sparkling shine make it a sought-after gemstone that radiates joie de vivre and optimism.

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We will respond within a few minutes. Promise! We would also be happy to send you pictures of the jewel being worn.

You have a question?

Contact us

We will respond within a few minutes. Promise! We would also be happy to send you pictures of the jewel being worn.